Documentation for quality

Proplast's products comply with regulatory requirements, and we can document adherence to special customer requirements.

We provide documentation, such as data sheets

measurement protocols, declarations, and certificates, which document that requirements are met.

In addition, we readily document our on-site recycling of re-work.

Different types of documentation

Proplast offers data sheets that describe the characteristics, composition, and function of the materials.

We have a number of transverse product sheets documenting permeability, chemical resistance, hose bend radius, flame retardant materials, antistatic classification, and standard tolerances.

Proplast is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified, which documents our focus on quality, efficient process control, and environmentally responsible processes.

In addition, we have prepared an ESG report that supports our (and your) focus on increased recycling and circular processes.

and proof of quality

See and find documentation

of the material

law hammer

Compliance with Danish
and international laws


For Proplast, documentation is key to ensuring trustworthy and responsible plastic production.

Our efforts in this field make it possible to document that plastic materials are used responsibly with resource awareness and quality in mind.

We work with you to design the optimal solution, which is produced in-house so that production processes and cost reduction is at the centre.

In this way, we pass on credibility and responsible conduct to you.

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