Responsible use of plastic

PROPLAST – Responsible use of plastic

We advise on design, materials, packaging, and transport with a focus on extending the longevity of the product, reducing costs, and increasing recycling.

We make a wide range of plastic products that are manufactured with awareness of resource and quality in mind.

We document the compliance of our solutions with regulatory and market requirements as well as our resource-conscious processes that have a focus on recycling and circular processes.

Proplast manufacture extruded hoses, pipes, profiles and non-adhesive tape in plastic.

Taking your needs as a starting point and focusing on design, quality, durability, and cost, we advise on the optimal solution that guarantees a responsible use of plastic.

Our production is in-house, which facilitates the transferal of expertise from our consultancy to production.

Through our environmental certifications and carbon accounting, we readily provide documentation of environmental impact and efforts.

In this way, we pass on our credibility and responsible conduct to you.

At Proplast, no task is too small, no challenge too big. We guide you from prototype to product, and we advise on resource-conscious design and material selection.

We tailor hoses, spirals, tubes, profiles, belts, and special products to your needs and quantity requirements. We refer to this principle as "fit-for-purpose", and it is your guarantee for a solution that fits the purpose exactly.

Our production is in Denmark, and we export worldwide.


and recycling

Proplast contributes to a responsible use of plastic by optimizing the solution relative to your needs.

Our consultancy focuses on product durability, and we provide documentation for our internal environmental processes as well as material recycling.

Thus, we increase the awareness of circular processes in cooperation with you.

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