Consultancy on responsible use of plastic

Proplast offers advice based on your needs and identifies the best materials, designs, and processes. We focus on packaging and transport with optimization of durability, cost, and recycling in mind.

We tailor solutions that meet your specific needs and that ensure a responsible use of plastic.

Thus, we can reduce resource consumption and create sustainable solutions for the future.

We have specialist knowledge of the plastic and extrusion processes, and we work with the leading suppliers in the industry to access the latest materials and obtain relevant information on responsible solutions for the benefit of you and the environment.

From idea to prototype

At Proplast, we aim for a high level of quality with innovative plastic solutions and a simple path from prototype to product. We have many years of experience and a broad know-how about traditional and special plastic materials.

We analyse your needs and ensure that the solution adheres to the requirements set by authorities and the market.

We can create a prototype which is evaluated with you before final production is started.

It helps reduce your costs and give you a more direct route to market.

Intelligent counselling brain


Tested solution


Fast advice

Faster access
to the market

A close partnership

Proplast's consultancy is based on a foundation of credibility and responsibility. We believe that the best consultancy occurs through a partnership with you, in which we collaborate closely on the development of the solution.

The consultancy is essential to creating the most durable product, reducing costs, and increasing the possibility of recycling.

Our production is in-house, which facilitates the transferal of expertise from our consultancy to production.

Through our environmental certifications and carbon accounting, we readily provide documentation of environmental impact and efforts.

In this way, we pass on our credibility and responsible conduct to you.

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